Religious Studies

A minor in Religious Studies gives you the chance to grapple with some of the most important questions facing humanity. It signals to employers your ability to be sensitive and think critically about contentious issues affecting modern society.

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"I often say that if I headed back to college today, I would major in comparative religions rather than political science. That is because religious actors and institutions are playing an influential role in every region of the world and on nearly every issue central to U.S. foreign policy.” (America Magazine)

Former US Secretary of State John Kerry

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You need to complete 18 total credits, which must include 3 credits from the list of courses with an asterisk (*), and 6 credits at the 400 level. Any course focusing on religion in addition to the ones listed can count for the minor with approval of the advisor. 


AFAM/RLST 147 Life and Thought of Malcolm X
ASIA 106N Asian Traditions of Health, Medicine, and the Body
CAMS 45 Classical Mythology
J ST 004 Jewish and Christian Foundations
J ST 010 Jewish Civilization
J ST 104 Bible as Literature
J ST 106 Mysticism and Kabbalah
J ST 111 Early Judaism
J ST 113 Myth and Legends of the Jews
J ST 114 Modern Judaism
J ST 116 Jewish Great Books
J ST 135 Ethics in Jewish Tradition
*RLST 1 World Religions
*RLST or ASIA 3 Religions of the East
RLST 101 Comparative Religion
RSLT or ASIA 103 Hinduism
RLST or ASIA 104 Buddhism
RLST or ASIA 105 Buddhism in the West
RLST 106 Mysticism
RLST 107 Islam
RLST 120 New Testament
RLST 124 Early & Medieval Christianity
RLST 140 Religion in American Life
RLST or HIST 165 Islamic Societies
RLST or ASIA 181 Religions of China & Japan
RLST or HIST197i Special Topics
RLST 296 or 496 Indep study or ACURA
RLST 440Y Orthodox Christianity
RLST 422 Religion and American Culture
RLST 497 Special topics

See University Bulletin for more information.